Medstar West Medical Billing Service


Because our service center processes your claims electronically you will be reimbursed more timely than by the conventional mail method. Also, by submitting error free claims, we improve the turnaround time for reimbursement


Sending claims electronically to Medicare, Medi-Cal, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, and most commercial carriers is routine. However, we have built relations with direct contacts at most southern California IPAs (Allied Physicians of California, American Specialty Health, Central Health Plan (Physicians Healthways), Bright Health Physicians, Optum (formerly HealthCare Partners) and many more).

Not if, but when, payment issues arise, we feel that we know who to talk to, where to fax, who to email, and what strings to get the picture. 

Typically, claims are entered and submitted within 72 hours of receipt. 48 to 72 hours later, insurance companies and the clearing house issue claim status reports . Errors such as expired identification numbers and/or insurance coverage are quickly identified and dealt with.


By simply posting a transaction we store and prepare the information necessary to complete and print an insurance form, statistical reports and monthly statements, saving your staff hours of precious time. We also save you hundreds of dollars in printing costs as we print customized forms and bills.


Our system possesses on the-spot editing and audit features, making it next to impossible to make a mistake. Claim rejection as a result of inaccurate coding, creating slow reimrebursement, is a problem of the past.


By shortening your reimbursement cycle, reducing administrative and clerical cost and eliminating postage you can justify our services in no time. Considering our affordable fees and our dedication to service we are truly a benefit to your practice.

Here's what we do...

We eliminate neglected, late and inaccurate insurance and patient billing. We process insurance claims electronically and send patient statements promptly. Electronic claims processing by our service center can reduce average payment from months to days.

Here's how we do it...

We do not require a contract. We let our positive results make your decision. We'll pick up your claims, or you can fax or mail in your superbills. If you wish, we can even generate comprehensive reports to help you evaluate your practice.