Medstar West Medical Billing Service
Medstar West Medical Billing
Serving southern California providers since 1995
Medstar West Medical Billing is a highly experienced medical insurance claims billing service providing affordable, expedient medical insurance claims processing to healthcare providers in Southern California.

CCHIT Certified®  EHR and ONC-ATCB Certified® EHR systems used: NextGen Healthcare, Practice Fusion, Elation EMR, Kareo, OpenEMR 7.0, Raintree Systems and Office Ally EHR 24/7.

The family operated company is run by:

President:  James D. Wang, M.S.B.A., concentration in Information Systems Auditing.

Founder/Chairman Emeritus and Former Associates:

Michael C. Wang, M.S. Applied Statistics, PhD candidate
Richard A. Wang, MPH
Jason D. Wang, B.S. Computer Science

Now operating: Nuliv Science


Unfortunately we are not accepting new clients as of Dec 2022.

Please contact one of our very experienced affiliates: Sapphire Medical Billing @ (562) 895-9966 or Agency Services Medical Billing @ (661) 313-2690.

We are however looking for more Providers to partner with our existing providers.

Our attributes:

  • Personalized service. Our clients are located in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and San Bernardino County. This insures accessibility. Medstar West can visit your clinic to pick up and discuss claims. Claims can also be mailed. Mail sent in Los Angeles metroplex area generally arrive the next day. Our goal is to submit claims within 72 hours of receipt.
  • Philosophy. Medstar West has a philosophical commitment to the physicians well being. We set the bar high for ourselves to gain our client's trust. We attempt to collect more. 
  • Technology. Medstar West keeps abreast of the latest technology. We were at the forefront in 1993 by billing with a dial up modem! Gosh, how times have changed. Now that the Internet provides globally connectivity, we take full advantage to bill, check eligibility, and fix errors in short order to significantly increase payment response. We also use "operations technology" - seminars that is (CMS & CMA) - to keep up with current industry standards.
  • Value. Outsourcing the billing can be less expensive than hiring full time staff and the cost of software maintenance and support contracts. More importantly, it frees up the physician's time to concentrate on patients instead of dealing with paperwork. Medstar West can and should be the best value by putting the most money in its client's account each month after paying the billing fee. Most importantly, we don't require contracts unless you choose so. We let our work stand by itself.
  • Partnerships. We can refer good collections companies & attorneys for you.
  • Reliability. Medstar West can be relied upon for the long term, with almost three decades of stability, professionalism, and friendly service. Why not give Medstar West a try?

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References available. English and Mandarin spoken.

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